Artemis, Knight of Darkness

Domain: The Eye of the Ocean

Ironically, it was one of the Shadow tribe who stood against Those Of The Below when they were released from their prison due the strike of the meteor. Artemis the angler-merman was the ruler of abyssal Ocean floor for a long time and he had been apt to share it with anyone else. When the light was lit in the eyes of drowned Undead, Artemis took that nothing more than yet another competition. And so, he descended upon the Undead, consuming all of them he could get a hold of. Yet soon his activity was noticed.

Those Of The Below gifted Artemis their magical powers and dubbed him Knight of Darkness himself. He was ordered to stop activity of the Light that plagued the depths. In return Artemis was promised ultimate transformation into what Those Of The Below considered godhood – to become that of the Undead. Artemis knew that becoming Undead would mean giving up his reign and his own essence to the ancient beings and so he plotted the grandest betrayal ever to be achieved. For Artemis the Knight of Darkness was always a lone hunter and it was he who lured the prey with promises of light, not vice versa.


The character creates a radius of darkness on the battlefield all characters inside or outside can not see what is inside of this radius. If a creature were to attack inside the radius or from the outside into the radius it would have to guess where the opponent is located at. The player that casts this ability can only see their own character’s estimated location.

Hooked Lure
The character uses a dagger on which a curse has been The character makes a ranged attack with a hook. When the opponent is hooked the character will be pulled towards the source.

The character engulfs its opponent whole with its giant maul. The opponent can try to break free on its turn but can do nothing else. The character will spit out the opponent if it takes damage. When the opponent’s character is engulfed it takes a certain amount of damage.

Minion: Angler Fish

Light Lure
The angler fish uses their luminescent presence to lure in any creature that is in a certain radius. The creature that is the closest to the angler fish gets a bite attack

Sketch Art

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