The Torn Lands

Rivers of Deceit

Walking Reefs

The Islands of Change

Eye of the Ocean




Centuries ago, our Elders lived in harmony on Earth working together towards the common goal of peace and survival. In a fiery flash, a meteor struck down impacting every fiber of life, displacing the Elders all over the planet. As time passed, they evolved and gained different powers to aid in their survival of the new world ahead. Different tribes formed and migrated away into different habitats, adapting to their surroundings.

As time passed, chaos ensued dividing the elder tribes between Light and Shadow; each tribe with their own vision and way of life. Pitted against each other with different ideas of the future, it became a balance of life and power.

Leaders of the Light

Featured LIGHT Leader

Pearl, the Light of Rejuvenation

When the Reefs fell to the boiling currents and underwater storms, none wept more than Pearl, the mermaid of the Light tribe. It is said that she had wandered aimlessly for days and nights in the graveyards of her home. And while her sisters used the magical energies that sung in the waters, Pearl could only wail with every new sunrise. Until eventually she could not just do it anymore and fell to the crumbled corals. Amidst the broken giants, she had cried and cried until her life almost faded. Unbeknownst to herself, her tears of anguish affected the mermaid’s powers.

Through concentrated emotions the weeping mermaid created one of the first sentient beings. Trapped in a form of a pearl, the Light of Rejuvenation whispered to her promises of a new future. Pearl passed the essence of the magical bauble into the corals and, from the innocent tears, the giants woke. But she could not disperse them on their own and so she realized that for balance to exist, she had to use the Shadow. She had planted what was left of the pearl carefully for Shadow to find it. When the mermaid returned to the Walking Reefs, she hid in a clam and nurtured it for a brighter future.



Ryder, of the Rays

When the meteor devastated the Reefs of the world, mermaids of the Shadow tribe rejoiced in the slaughter that followed. They preyed upon the survivors and wanted blood. Yet one Shadow member, a mermaid named Ryder of the Rays, took particular interest in the graveyards of corals. It is said that nothing was more fascinating to the warrior than dancing amidst the stingrays with the waves in sight, until the dazzling light caught her in its snares. It was a radiant pearl of light, found amidst the buried reefs, and its seduction compelled her to desire it’s power.

Ryder of the Rays was fascinated by Pearl. There was nothing so innocent, so vulnerable in her eyes as the shining Leader. Ryder was obsessed with corrupting her and twisting Pearl to her will. But Pearl whispered to Ryder to use her newfound powers coming from the meteor fall for something good. Together with Pearl she had woken the corals and granted them their own sentient mind. The giants travelled and crushed everything in their path, a deed which Ryder was especially proud of. She wore a pearl around her neck as a sign of mastery until the very day she understood that she had been a pawn of Pearl’s ultimate plan to bring stability to the Walking Reefs.