Cameron, Shaman of the Moon

Domain: The Torn Lands

Tribe: Light

The impact of the meteor scoured the Torn Lands with canyons and gorges. As the Land Walkers held their dear lives on the great walls of ravines that dominated the continent, members of Light tribe did all they could to mend the roots of the Tree of Life. One of the most respected of mermaids, who dedicated her newly gained powers to survival of the Tree, was known as Cameron. Her healing magics could be seen every night when the moonlight preyed the canyons, dyeing them in vibrant blue. Land Walkers built their vertical homes in these places, as they knew that here no harm could come to them.

Those Of The Below gifted Artemis their magical powers and dubbed him Knight of Darkness himself. He was ordered to Nobody has seen Cameron’s true form, for it is said that she is a druid who mastered all shapes of life. One of the most popular of myths tells the story of Shaman of the Moon, who could take form of the werewolf and climb out of the ravines in search of wrongdoers who seek to harm the Tree of Life. Hence the Land Walkers always honored the ravaging bands of wolves that hunted in the Torn Lands and often left them sacrifices. For the Undead marched in the deserts that had been sprawled across the surface and every living being became a potential ally


Shamans Touch
The character creates a radius of darkness on the The character heals all the allied characters that are in a certain radius of the pinpointed area.

Gods Quake
The character sends an earthquake shock, centered from itself into the ground. All the affected area becomes difficult terrain for the opponent. All opponents in the affected area take damage from this ability.

Ancestors Dance
Using this ability the character performs a dance that will give all the allied characters in a certain radius inspiration to fight. This inspiration gives them extra damage equal to 20 percent of their power.

Minion: White Wolves

Call of the Wild
The character calls on the spirits from the wild summoning a medium spectral creature to do their bidding. If this ability is stacked it turns into one giant spectral creature.

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