Cameron, Shaman of the Moon

Domain: The Torn Lands

Tribe: Shadow

The impact of the meteor scoured the Torn Lands with canyons and gorges. As the Land Walkers held their dear lives on As the Land Walkers hid below the surfaces in the cracks and burrows, Undead Walkers marched in their crusade. For they had an unholy quest and were led by one of the most nightmarish creatures Shadow tribe could ever boast of. There is little known about him, for he left the tribe long ago and settled in the caverns and wellholes way before the meteor impact changed the surface. All that’s left was the name whispered from the survivors who stopped at the Cursed Wells and looked into their gaping maws. For Dante, the Gatekeeper of Death, had always left one alive to spread his legacy.

It is told that Dante used to be the most beautiful merman of them all but he was trapped in the desert because of his vainglory pride to find the Tree of Life. The merman had hidden in the wells and was damned to live there for an eternity. Now his skeleton features grind the bones and dried flesh that hang on his woken corpse because Dante had found new powers to serve after the fall. As the only true Undead of the mermen, he leads hordes of lifeless Walkers to find the cadaver of Tree and drain life out of its remains.


Call of Fear
The character lets out a screeching sound that causes the opponents within its radius to be afraid of the champ, with the duration of one round. During this time they will try to get as far away as possible from the character.

Life draining force
The character sends an earthquake shock, centered from The character drains life points from its opponent’s character. These points will be added to the life points of its own. When the character has max life points it will not add additional points. it will stack until the max amount has been obtained.

Gas Fog
Using this ability the character performs a dance that will The character surrounds itself in a toxic gas fog cloud. any enemy creature that is in this area gets damage from the fumes. This ability is active until the next round of the character or when it takes a certain amount of damage.

Minion: White Wolves

Raise the Fallen
any character that has fallen in the current battle gets raised for a short amount of time and is under control for 1 round. After this the same dead cannot be raised.

Sketch Art

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