Delphine, the Treasure Hunter

Domain: The Eye of the Ocean

Nowhere the meteor’s strike was more prominent than in the Eye of the Ocean. Here the fall and the emerged magical powers woke the elements themselves. As the currents of water and wind created storms, the Ocean began a war against its denizens. And there was no greater hero in that gruesome conflict than Delphien of the Light tribe. The merman who had sacrificed everything to preserve lives of those he loved. Delphien has been always an excellent swimmer. Amidst the fuming vortexes that plagued the Ocean, he was a spear of the Light. Until one mistake took him to the bottom where everything changed.

Seeing the ruins of his homeland broke Delphine’s heart. Members of Shadow tribe used the diversion of the elements to destroy the underwater kingdom of their opponents. Driven by rage, Delphine descended into the deepest parts of the temple ruins. By promising to give up anything for the revenge of his people, he became one of the first who got corrupted by alien creatures that appeared through the broken reality rifts. Demons gifted Delphine a possessed dagger, which cursed the merman to turn everything that he felt emotions for to gold. Thus, Delphine became the infamous Treasure Hunter, who could not ever stand to look at his beloved kin, only at the enemies he hated


Golden Gaze
The character turns the opponent’s character on the field to solid gold. For the duration of one turn the affected creature can not move or take any other actions. They can be harmed by fire abilities.

Cursed Dagger of the Sea
The character uses a dagger on which a curse has been placed. When the dagger hits its target a demon takes hold of the body of the opponent for the duration of one round. The demon will confuse the character by moving it the other direction than intended or using an other ability than casted. The dagger can be used in melee or ranged attacks

Trap of the temple
The character summons a spiked dart trap from the hidden temple. These darts are spread over a cone-like area on the battlefield. Each opponent that is hit by on of these spike takes a certain amount of damage

Minion: Dolphins

Speeding Vortex
The dolphins swim in a radius on a selected area. Each creature within this vortex gets shuffled on the battlefield and gets a new random assigned position. During the vortex, all enemy characters take a certain amount of bludgeoning damage from smashing into each other.

Sketch Art

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