Jewel, the Beacon of Light

Domain: The Eye of the Ocean

Millions of Undead scatter the depths of Nethergulf. The impact of the meteor split the seafloor released the evil that conquered the lifeless husks. Now the bottom of the Ocean has become a place of horror and death, as the Undead are slowly taken by Those Of The Below and turned to what they were originally intended to be – hunters of the living. Yet in this dark and frigid landscape the news is hidden from the rest of the world. Only one of the Light tribe, the mermaid called Jewel, knows what is coming and tries his best to hold it at bay. But will it be enough?

Very few of the Light tribe inhabit the deep-sea, for it is an inferior home for the living. But none of them can understand the beauty of freedom, the fragility of struggling life better than Jewel of the depths. As a true caretaker and shepherd of the jellyfish, Jewel had always cared for the ill-natured region with all his heart. For that she was often misunderstood by her brothers and sisters. Many called her frivolous and even foolish. However, Jewel was the only one who showed mercy for wandering Undead by letting them be eaten by clouds of her jellyfish, this way lowering the population of armies to come. In a way, Jewel always has been the Beacon of Light in the darkness.


Slowed Presence
The character creates a slowing aura for the duration of 4 rounds. When this ability is activated all opponents characters are slowed within a certain radius. Their movement is 25 percent of its total. Allied champions are not affected by this ability.

Flowing Defense
The character uses a dagger on which a curse has been The jelly-like substance of a jellyfish makes the character capable of bouncing off melee and ranged attacks taking only half damage. Each time she is hit with these attacks she bounces away from it in the other direction. This ability lasts for 2 rounds.

Soul Switch
The character uses its magic to switch the current hit points of two of the opponents characters. They also switch their stats. A defencive character might all of a sudden get the stats of an offensive caster, while the caster gets the stats of the defense character

Minion: Jellyfish


Sketch Art

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