Octavia, Octopus Queen

Domain: The Islands of Change

When the Reefs fell to the boiling currents and underwater storms, none wept more than Pearl, As her sisters of the Shadow tribe tore at the vulnerable Islands of Change, Octavia bid her time in the caverns of shallows and waited for an opportunity to strike. Hidden from sight, the mermaid practiced her newly gained powers in the dark. She hunted and killed trespassers and inhabitants of the caves, perfecting the unexpected tools at her disposal while others bathed in glory and joy. With her brain tissue spread over the eight octopi limbs, Octavia was cunning enough to above such small games. For she had a higher purpose in mind than manipulating a single species. She wanted to rule them all.

Octavia the Octopus Queen heard the curses of her sisters when the phoenixes threatened to end their little algae kingdom. With her guileful plan already in motion, Octavia released armies of her slithering pets to conquer the Islands. Guided by the ghastly melody of a siren’s call, eels of Octavia hid between the fissures and crevices. And when the phoenixes became daring and bold, when they felt like lords of the Islands of Change, the eels stroke. Ambushed and paralyzed by electric shocks, the phoenixes were dragged into the waters where their fires could do nothing against the gaping trap of Octavia.


Capable of hiding in plain sight. On a round the player can decide for the character to hide. The player gets to move the character to another place on the field. The character will show itself again when it attacks, uses another ability, takes damage or at the beginning of it’s next round.

Sirens Cry
Calling for backup from her minions. The character can, on its turn, call for back-up. If you stack this ability 3 times in a row, all the called minions turn into one big creature.

Toxic Touch
The character charms one of the opponents characters When an opponent attacks the character in melee range they take toxic damage. When the character makes a melee attack itself, it will also damage the opponent with the toxins. The opponent is slowed for it’s next round and has half its movement speed. After this round it gains all its movement back and is no longer slowed

Minion: Clam

Electric Eels
The eels use an electric shock to attack the opponent. All enemies within range take a certain amount of electric damage.

Sketch Art