Rivers of Deceit

After the meteor fell the waters in the Ocean rose and the rivers flooded. Acting as passages from and into the continents, the rivers became a thriving place full of both life and death, as never before. At first, both the Land and Undead Walkers were pushed out of their settlements located near the banks of the rivers or underwater creeks. With discovered mystical powers of the meteor impact, Land Walkers managed to design dams and settle on top of the flooded rivers that became lakes. They had constructed rafts out of fallen trees and built entire towns, while the Undead Walkers turned to the bottom of these lakes and piled their crumbling kingdoms there.

Many of the Land Walkers praised the rivers, which granted them new homes void of predators of the continent. Soon a new religion was founded in the Floating Towns, that of praising the Streams of the rivers and power that came with them. Near the most turbulent rivers of them all, generally called Rivers of Deceit for their unpredictable change of the tide, the Land Walkers had enacted shrines to the Streams. It is considered an honorable way of living to become a pilgrim and pursue these shrines, for mastering the Streams granted the Land Walkers ability to breathe underwater and swim as fast as a fish for a short amount of time.

The Land Walkers had dived beneath the Rivers of Deceit and many had not come back. Those who had survived returned with threats of war. Underwaters belonged to the Undead, who were able to infest the watery domain with a partial help of Shadow mermaids. As the pale forests of kelp dominated the Oceans, they continued their spread by flowing into the reversed rivers. The corrupted kelp consumed only the living and so undead found their unexpected allies. However, many of the creatures inhabit Rivers of Deceit region and here there had been no battle of the elements as in the Ocean for they to be taken care of.

The Rivers of Deceit is now a contested domain, where the battle between the living and undead is the fiercest. From frogs that adapted to the new magical energies and conquered the swamps to gigantic insects such as dragonfly that always ruled the surfaces; from swarms of piranhas who learnt how to fight their kelp competitors to queen anacondas of the shallows, the Rivers of Deceit is a place that holds the hugest populations. And all the introduced organic waste is consumed by rapidly growing vines of the rivers, which pollen dyes the waters in emerald colors. It did not take long for the mermaids of Light and Shadow tribes to bring their war into this region