Ryder, of the Rays

Domain: Walking Reefs
Tribe: Shadow

When the meteor devastated the Reefs of the world, mermaids of the Shadow tribe rejoiced in the slaughter that followed. They preyed upon the survivors and wanted blood. Yet one Shadow member, a mermaid named Ryder of the Rays, took particular interest in the graveyards of corals. It is said that nothing was more fascinating to the warrior than dancing amidst the stingrays with the waves in sight, until the dazzling light caught her in its snares. It was a radiant pearl of light, found amidst the buried reefs, and its seduction compelled her to desire it’s power.

Ryder of the Rays was fascinated by Pearl. There was nothing so innocent, so vulnerable in her eyes as the shining Leader. Ryder was obsessed with corrupting her and twisting Pearl to her will. But Pearl whispered to Ryder to use her newfound powers coming from the meteor fall for something good. Together with Pearl she had woken the corals and granted them their own sentient mind. The giants travelled and crushed everything in their path, a deed which Ryder was especially proud of. She wore a pearl around her neck as a sign of mastery until the very day she understood that she had been a pawn of Pearl’s ultimate plan to bring stability to the Walking Reefs.


Spear of the Stingray
On the battlefield of the reef, the opponent has been poisoned by the tip of the spear.

Glass through sand
Coral appears beneath the sand piercing the enemy above.

Dance of the Rays
Through fast and erratic movements, always changing to disguise the path ahead, Ryder confuses the opponent on the battlefield leaving her opponent in her wake. While moving, she can ignore effects on the plane of the battlefield.

Minion: Stingray

Sweeping Tail
The Stingrays that follow Ryder stir the sand, sting the opponent and create a temporary state of chaos to allow Ryder to retreat for her next attack.

Sketch Art

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