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Phase 1 – Fantasy Art Collection, Staking & Oasis Marketplace

Underwater Dreams & Imagination Collection

Ancient Oasis will immerse you in a world filled with fantasy, mythical creatures and mermaids. Use your imagination, creativity and dreams to help bring this world to life.

Sketch Art Collection

Sketch Art Packs will be released in late Q1 – early Q2, and we’ll continue to release additional packs for fans and collectors as we progress. Sketch Packs will have a chance of dropping a Blend token to help earn Art upgrades or Infinite Lives access.

Physical Art Redeemable

We will be introducing Limited Edition Physical Redeemable Tokens for Posters, Postcards and other swag with our Leader Pack Releases. More information will be available soon

Oasis Lumina (1,000,000,000 Max Supply)

Oasis Lumina Staking

Oasis Lumina is the primary token in the Ancient Oasis World, and will be launched in Q2 of 2022, with a goal to buy/sell on Alcor Exchange soon after launch.

Staking will be available in late Q2 2022.
Promo + 2/hr
Tokens + 5/hr
Limited + 10 – 50 /hr
Kingdoms + 250-1000 / hr

Oasis Marketplace

During Phase 1, Oasis Lumina will be used for the following:

  1. Upgrades Fantasy Art Leader Upgrades
  2. Upgrades Fantasy Art Leader Minion Upgrades
  3. Minting Fantasy Art Cards & Packs
  4. Blends to achieve unique Minions, Giants, Whitelist Club access and more

Phase 2 Gameplay NFTs


Six leaders rule each Tribe, the Light and the Shadow

Each Leader NFT has set attribute points based on the rarity and power-ups.

Skills and Instants are also based on rarity, e.g. Common only has one skill where as Rare has 2 skills and Epic has all 3.

  • Hit Points
  • Power
  • Defense
  • Agility
  • Stealth


What are Minions?

Minions are creatures that support the Ancient Oasis Leaders in battle.

Leader Minions

Minions specific to each leader that will enable unique abilities that can be used in battle. These minions will not consume a card slot and are available through Rarity of NFTs or upgrades in-game.

Army of Minions

Minions that will support the Leaders in battle.


Giants are large creatures that will support Leaders during Battle and will appear in every Domain.

Players are limited to 5 Giants per deck.

Kingdom Ownership

Ancient Oasis Kingdoms are a limited edition NFTs that can only be obtained during the Kingdom Release. Each Kingdom will be limited to XX number.

Ancient Oasis Kingdom owners receive a bounty each time players utilize that Leaders Kingdom in game. This will be split evenly among Kingdom card holders.

The bounty is set by owners and players can choose the Kingdom owner they want to support.

Kingdom’s will have 6 levels of rarities More information will be released soon.

Promo & Club Tokens

Can be earned in several ways:

Participation, Engagement and Sharing

  1. Community Engagement
  2. Social Engagement

Ancient Oasis Club Memberships

Club Membership is automatically granted by holding these NFTs in your verified wallet on the Ancient Oasis Discord server. These NFTs are transferable, but that will also remove your role.

  1. The Elders – Max: 250 (Drop coming Soon)
  2. Infinite Lives – Max: 500 (Blend coming soon)
  3. Stingray – Max: 500 (View on Atomichub)
  4. Minion Madness (View on AtomicHub)
  5. Starfish