The Islands of Change

After the meteor fell something wicked happened to the Islands of Change. Since the beginning of life, the inhabitants there were adaptive and quick-witted, for the isles were always a contemporary place. Every dawn meant a new start, as nothing remained the same after moonlight cleansed the waves. It was matter of life or death to learn how to change. Perhaps that is the reason why living and unliving creatures of the Islands of Change were so susceptible to the boiling waters and waves that left no tree behind. Or to the slumbering giants of fire that woke and shattered the isles with their scorching breath.

The erupted volcanos and waves of tsunamis torn the isles apart. Most of the living had died in the aftermath, while the unliving simply crumbled to dust. Those who survived were forever changed, for they had to undergone mutations, which were never seen before. After lava that claimed the landmass in its obsidian spill was extinguished by passing turbulent seas, the new life cracked the blackened surface. One of the first were algae of sickening green, which covered the Islands of Change in its toxic crawl. The algae were infested by tribe of Shadow with their newly gained powers and so it produced sludge that contaminated the nearby waters and soil, thus making the algae dominant over the isles.

However, as it is often in nature, no empire of one could ever stand for long. Eventually, the corrupted algae found its nemesis. The isles were covered in emerald living mass and while it could kill nearly everything, there was always a bigger fish or in this case – a bigger bird. Due to a cruel chance of fate or intent of the fabled mermaids of Light, some of the migrating birds’ eggs survived the passage of lava deep beneath the ground. And from those eggs covered with ashes, the first phoenixes rose.

The phoenixes were one of the first miraculous lifeforms that appeared after the meteor impact. Resistant to both the heat and the toxics, these birds could breathe fire, which the algae were not particularly fond of. And so, it was a matter of time till phoenixes learned how to denature the toxins by cooking the algae. However, the phoenixes could not fly very well due to mixture of flammable gasses produced in their system. And they proved to be a perfect prey for electric eels of the isles, which could jump high into the air. The cycle of life was slowly restored in the Islands of Change.