The Torn Lands

While the Rivers of Deceit flooded, the continents suffered. Torn between the shattered or drowned land, most of the species went extinct after the fall of the meteor. Devasted by the death and misery, the mermaids of Light focused their full powers into saving the almighty Tree of Life. For there was never a better time for servants of Shadows to take what they deemed belonged to them. It is said that the Tree is the oldest organism of the world and that only due to it the tribes exist. Very few are aware however, that the Tree of Life is sentient and that its roots hold the world together.

For thousands of years the Tree of Life has fought Those Of The Below and kept the horrible beings imprisoned around the planet’s core. With the fall of the meteor, the tectonic plates of the world were split apart, causing not only great change to the planet but also crushing some of the Tree’s roots. The Tree of Life is now withering and its baleful call reaches all those who worship the Light. The mermaids, anxious and terrified, found the ways to move from the Ocean further and further near the Tree. The Shadow tribe caught the scent of promise and they too followed. Yet none of them can fathom of the threat that lurks below the ground.

Today the main continent, now called The Torn Lands by the Walkers, is a visual representation of broken tectonic plates. Deep ravines and canyons encompass the land and most of the forests and woods are a baron place, for the water leaked through the holes and left the surface long ago. In The Torn Lands the Land Walkers settled between the gorges of canyons, as it offered shade and gathered most of the water from rainfalls and roots of the Tree. The Undead Walkers built their ghastly kingdoms on the wrinkled surface, where the deserts reside. For they had a goal in mind – a vulnerability to be exposed.

Slowly yet steadily each day brought the Undead closer and closer to the Tree of Life. Through the underground streams mermaids of Life managed to contact the Land Walkers and make an alliance of the living. Together with the cruel environment of the desert, the Walkers prepare traps and skirmishes for the Undead. The changed fauna of The Torn Lands, such as great ravaging wolf bands, join in their cause due to secret persuasions of the dying Tree. And through the rare oasis and watering holes the mermaids of the Shadow aid the Undead. Now, everything depends on those who make the deadly race to the Tree first.