“Skull & Blooms” heralds a fresh chapter in the world of Ancient Oasis. Explore a fusion of captivating art, limited editions, and cross-chain experiments on Bitcoin Ordinals that breathe life
into our vibrant ecosystem.



What is Ancient Oasis?

Ancient Oasis is a mythical world and collectible art series created to explore underwater mysteries and bring fantasy art to life. With Mermaids as your guide and creatures by your side, uncover the secrets hidden within.

What are Oasis Seasons?

Discover themed sets of art, creatures, leaders, artifacts, and limited editions prints. Our upcoming season, “Skull & Blooms,” will debut on Bitcoin Ordinals and it explores the fascinating interplay between life and death, within the realms of light and shadow.

How can I start collecting?

Dive into the Ancient Oasis world by acquiring our legacy collections from WAX on NeftyBlocks or Atomic Hub.

Stay tuned for upcoming announcements about our first release on Bitcoin Ordinals through Magic Eden.

What is ‘Infinite Lives’?

Infinite Lives‘ is currently our top rank, granting exclusive community access, limited edition drops and whitelist privileges. 135 exist today.

How do I join the community?

Join our official Discord and follow us on X @AncientOasis