Dani, Fearless Predator

Domain: The Eye of the Ocean

As the Ocean battled its denizens, Dani of the Shadow tribe devised a plan to strike right at the heart of her enemies. The mermaid had submerged into bloodthirst bestowed by hungry powers that spoke to her and shattered the temples of Light to pieces. With packs of predators that followed her, she became the Fearless Predator of the Ocean whose bite could bleed the elements themselves. Dani bathed in blood and magical energies that surrounded her, which she assumed followed her because Dani was alpha, the pack leader of the most dangerous predators. Little did she know that her powers hailed from a different source.

SeeingThe destruction of temple and slaughter of members of Light granted Dani visions. Prophecies of a fallen hero and a land of white forests dripped into her mind, which forced the mermaid to commit unfamiliar acts in return for safety. By mingling her abilities awoken to fall of the meteor with the sweet promises she heard, Dani managed to influence creation of the most dominant species of the world – the pale kelp. It did not take long for the Ocean to become shrouded in masses of the same kelp, plants, which turned to carnivorous ways after their predator master. And thus, the Ocean was taken by the Shadow.


Shark’s Bite
The character makes a melee bite attack against the opponent.

Compressed Wave
The character creates a giant wave that targets one opponent, smashing into it. The target will be pushed back a certain amount of distance on the battlefield.

Blood Frenzy
The character goes into a rage, gaining double speed and 150 percent attack damage. The frenzy ends on its next turn. While in the frenzy the character takes half of the total damage received.

Minion: Dolphins

Predatory Strike
The shark can smell creatures that are weaker and bleeding. The creature that is the most hurt on the battlefield gets attacked by the shark.

Sketch Art

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