Isabella, Lava Queen

Domain: Islands of Change

As the Islands of Change were drowned in water and doused in fire, it was Isabella of the Light tribe who fought the fiercest for the living. Isabella has been always a child of the dormant volcanos and when they erupted, she acted without a hesitation. With the awakened powers of the meteor impact, the mermaid mastered both the boiling streams and molten rock. Born between the underwater firestorms, Isabella is often called One With Fire. For her fiery gaze can raise the geysers; her enticing stride can shift the bedrock. Like playful yet dangerous flame, she kept the tipped balance of the Islands zealously and mercilessly.

It was Isabella the Lava Queen who had persuaded the raging volcanos to return to their slumber. And when their innards had settled downed, the enthralling destruction of the Islands was stopped. However, the mermaid knew that her battle was not over. She returned to the shattered surfaces, which had been covered by toxic wastes of new species of algae in her absence, and put her powers to produce something to counter the spawn of Shadow. Thus, the first of phoenix rose from the ashes of destroyed Islands. And with their flames the algae were consumed and the shallows were cleared from their noxious breath.


Liquify rock
The character turns a certain area of rock into liquid lava. All opponents characters that stand in this area take damage on each beginning of their round until the ability is dispelled by another.

Geyser attack
The character creates 3 geysers blasting out of the playing field. all creatures located on top of the geyser take damage from the hot steam.

Wall of bedrock
The character makes a wall of bedrock appear on the playing field, shielding a certain area from the other side. All creatures standing on the selected area will be pushed to a side of the wall

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Minion: Phoenix

Scorching presence
Within a certain area of the creature every opponent within takes a certain amount of fire damage. While flying to another position all enemies in range also take damage. When this creature dies it explodes and does damage to any nearby enemy as well as allied champs.

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