Ophelia, The River Runner

Domain: Rivers of Deceit

When the Land Walkers adapted to a new environment caused by the fall of the meteor, the Rivers of Deceit became a busy region. Here the trade flourished, as many of the living Walkers met between their sacred Streams to exchange the news and goods. The commotion soon attracted mermaids of the Light tribe and none was more interested from to join the humans as Ophelia the River Runner. Ophelia was fascinated with all the genuine surprises of the living Walkers. She has had particularly enjoyed their rich perception and gratefulness to the rivers that fed them and opted to spread the Land Walkers’ religion of the Streams.

Every spring the Rivers of Deceit flooded fiercely due to enormous amount of rainfall and unstable currents of the Ocean. Ophelia had used this hazardous time to create a new tradition – the Race of Streams. She had persuaded the gigantic frogs and massive dragonflies that inhabited the rivers to join the celebration by spreading pollen that caused the Great Bloom in the waters. The local fauna would always lose their mind during the event and Land Walkers learnt how to handle them as racing bodies. Hence, the Rivers of Deceit in spring became a place of excitement, as Ophelia raced with Walkers in a friendly competition along the Streams.


Rapid Wave
The character attacks its opponent with a large tidal wave. All opponents creatures that get hit by the wave take damage. On it casting the character moves with the wave to the other side where the wave ends

Frog’s Tongue
Calling for backup from her minions. The character can, on its turn, The character attacks the opponent with a frog like tongue, dragging their target towards them. Targets take damage on impact.

Flora’s dwelling dust
The character lets out a could of pollen dust that dwells over the opponents. Each opponent that is affected by this ability takes a certain amount of damage because of the toxins.

Minion: Dragonfly

The eels use an electric shock to attack the opponent. All enemies The character sends a swarm of dragonflies to the opponent, blinding them for one round. The opponent can attack but does not know where to aim it to.

Sketch Art