Pearl, the Light of Rejuvenation

Domain: Walking Reefs

When the Reefs fell to the boiling currents and underwater storms, none wept more than Pearl, the mermaid of the Light tribe. It is said that she had wandered aimlessly for days and nights in the graveyards of her home. And while her sisters used the magical energies that sung in the waters, Pearl could only wail with every new sunrise. Until eventually she could not just do it anymore and fell to the crumbled corals. Amidst the broken giants, she had cried and cried until her life almost faded. Unbeknownst to herself, her tears of anguish affected the mermaid’s powers.

Through concentrated emotions the weeping mermaid created one of the first sentient beings. Trapped in a form of a pearl, the Light of Rejuvenation whispered to her promises of a new future. Pearl passed the essence of the magical bauble into the corals and, from the innocent tears, the giants woke. But she could not disperse them on their own and so she realized that for balance to exist, she had to use the Shadow. She had planted what was left of the pearl carefully for Shadow to find it. When the mermaid returned to the Walking Reefs, she hid in a clam and nurtured it for a brighter future.


The character summons a clam from underneath an opponent and grapples the creature. The grappled creature can not move for the duration of one round.

Shell shield
The character summons a giant oyster shell that can be used to shield a certain area on the battlefield. The shield is big enough to shield one creature.

Love of the Sea
The character charms one of the opponents characters and lures them towards her. This charm is active for one round. while the character is charmed it will not harm the opponent. If the charmed creature is harmed it will snap out of it and is able to function again.

Minion: Clam

Healing Pearl
The clam makes a pearl that can be used as a consumable for any other allied character. When the pearl is consumed it will heal a certain amount of their hit points. In addition the healed character will have a 150 percent speed for the duration of one round.

Design Process