Victoria, Flesh Eater

Domain: Rivers of Deceit

During one of the greatest celebrations of the Race of Streams, Victoria designed a flawless ambush. The Rivers of Deceit flowed around many of the basins and craters left by meteor impact. This also happened to be a region where the most famous route of the race was found. Together with the Undead legions, Victoria dug trenches in the area, digging it even deeper and then filling it with kelp forests. Here thousands of Undead were hiding during the winter with mutated piranha influenced by Victoria. In the aftermath few attendants of the Race of Streams survived the slaughter and the tradition became a symbol of a war between the Walkers.

When the sounds of the Race of Streams echoed through the depths of the great rivers, Undead Walkers were infuriated by clamor of the living. Their underwater castles trembled from racket of the celebration and their peace was disturbed. The carnivorous kelp forests of the Ocean silently spread in the deepest parts of the Rivers of Deceit and with it came the predators of the Shadow tribe. Undead Walkers proposed a non-aggression pact with the newcomers and suggested directly attacking the kingdoms of the living. Notorious for her fury, Victoria, the Flesh Eater, of the Shadow offered a different tactic.


Death Roll
The character grabs onto an opponent and spins it like a crocodile with its prey. During this ability the air gets squeezed out of the opponent suffocating it.

Mud Wave
The character flushes a mud wave over a certain area of the battle map. All creatures hit by this wave get stuck in the ground and their movement is slowed.

Flesh eating Vines
The character uses vines from the sides of the river to grapple the enemy. If the target gets hit, it can not move on its turn and takes damage from the biting. After one round or the vines get damaged, the targets gets released.

Minion: Vicious Piranha

Shredding Cloud
The character uses a cloud of piranhas to attack the opponent. All the creatures inside of the cloud take damage.

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